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About Us
Incorporated in Abu Dhabi the Capital of U.A.E in the year 1997 with a vision to bridge the infrastructure divide across the globe and Middle east.

Al Manhal has taken care of Project Management in UAE like Hospital Management, Real Estate Management, Construction, Transportation, Aviation, trading equipments, Securities systems Construction, Oil and Gas projects.

An Investor and Project Manager, Al Manhal Projects with a global outlook and aptitude while seeking diversified opportunities for the Joint Ventures and Investment in UAE and worldwide. 

Al Manhal is a multi-faceted group with diverse interests including Investment, Structure financing, Project Management, Event Managements, Telecommunications and Renewable Energy, Digital Hospital, Motor Sports, Oil & Gas, Refinery Projects, Construction and Real Estate. 

Over the years, Al Manhal has grown to become a global company with partners and associates in all the geographical areas including South East Asia, CIS, Middle East and North Africa, South America and the USA with Private and Government Sectors. Due to the growing domestic and International market trend Al Manhal’s strategy is to formulate an individual strategy to support our business activities for the years ahead. As such the company has formed strong strategic alliances with Governments and International companies to participate in various projects across many sectors of the economy.

With strategic global associations Al Manhal has drawn an ambitious expansion plan for the future business development . Since Abu Dhabi is the Head Quarter of International Renewable Energy Agency ( IRENA) Al Manhal has initiated the plan to promote the Green Energy Technology and project called Al Manhal Green Technology for the Green Energy. “To Save the World.” 

The Group and its enterprises have been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility and easily adapts and understand the demands of Global business opportunities with a commitment to our Project for the Projects.

Mission Statement
Al Manhal’s mission is to establish itself as the premiere private 100% UAE company in the energy sector by developing, promoting and participating in energy and technology related projects. Due to the growing domestic and International market trend, Al Manhal strategy is to formulate individual strategy for our business activities to support our business activities.

We seek to provide value added services and knowledge to projects, which we evaluate with our advisors and consultants. Al Manhal has formed strong relationship with several International companies to participate in our projects.

Al Manhal seeks to develop and promote projects with high profitable returns projects, such as in the Investment, Structure financing for Projects, debt restructuring for corporate houses, equity investment Hospital management, real estate, oil and gas industry, shipping, technology transfer, Construction, Telecom and Green Energy, Industrial waste management.

Al Manhal is managed under the leadership of Mr. Suhail Al Dhaheri, as the Chairman & CEO and Al Dhaheri Family members as Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Al Manhal Mr. Al Dhaheri worked in UAE as Staff Pilot, and worked in various fields.
Presently also working as the Board Member of Islamic Arab Insurance Company P.S.C ( SALAMA) UAE.
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