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Al Manhal Green
" Municipal solid waste to Electricity"
" Waste Management and Clean city"

Waste products destroying our environment have to become part of the past.
Renewable energy resources are the way for the future

" Green Energy For The Future...Save The World... "

Al Manhal with VICHEM of Switzerland as partner for Al Manhal Green Energy Project which will manage Al Manhal Green Energy Project. VICHEM will execute the project for AL Manhal for Green Energy and technology Projects like Phosphoric acid production and purification and water treatment Projects. ( )

Vichem as selected Al Manhal as their partner for Middle East, Asia, Africa and MENA region for the Project implementation, machinery & operation and management.

Vichem will provide technology transfer and implementation for Al Manhal Green Energy and Technologies Plants and will provide feasibility study for different Countries where Al Manhal wish to start Green Enegry Projects.

The Gas Conversion technology presents an elegant solution for some of the major environmental challenges facing the world today. Atmospheric pollution, waste management, sustainable energy and resource use are issues embraced globally as significant problems associated with social and industrial development of the modern world. Topics such as climate change, non renewable fossil fuel use, landfill, poor resource management and sustainability need addressing today to protect tomorrow.
Benefits of Muncipal Waste to Energy:
Municipal solid waste to Electricity
Waste Management and Clean city
Provides clean, economical energy in place of fossil fuels
Produces Green Energy - Environmentally Friendly 
Not dependant on single waste type
Can be located at industrial sites to convert industrial waste to usable energy
Eliminates Leaching and reduces runoff contamination
Eliminates used tire piles, removing mosquito hazards and fire hazards 
Removes bulky wood and plastic from landfills
Reduces ground water contamination
Reduces run-off of animal wastes into streams and lakes
Obligations of Local Partner:
Arrange all approvals from the Host Country for the Al Manhal Green projects.
All permits and permissions necessary to install and operate.
Provide information of the Countries waste stream.
Arrange the initial approvals of the Host Country/power supplier for the purchase of all power produced from the Municipal waste for 25 years.
Provide the necessary land for each Installation for a period of not less than 25 years.
"Al Manhal will take care of the Feasibility study for the Implementation of Municipal waste to Electricity and Treatment of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management"
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