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UAE is becoming with the most great way in the world automobile sports
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Racing drive experience : Driving school level 1 => Karting and single seater (2 L)

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Al Manhal Green Motor Sports

In order to overcome the absence of sound using electrically powered cars, we should choice high powered small size cars, similar to the Midget cars used in the USA, Australia and New Zeeland, racing spectacularly on oval speedways.

Midget Racing started in the USA 1933 . There are hundreds of three quarter miles paved, ore dirt track oval speedways in the USA. There are national, regional and local championship series. Many Indy Car and NASCAR drivers used Midget Car racing as an intermediate stepping stone on their way to more high profile divisions.

The Event Message
The message of this event is to fruitfully transmit to our next generations that their environment has to be continuously protected and preserved as a treasure and our next generations should be educated toward responsibility. And should understand the message that every one can help to have a less polluted environment.

Advantage Of Green Motor Sports
The audience of the Green Race will be more technology-orientated and intellectual.
Involving and casting young GCC individuals (100 test driver under 30 years) to test drive the vehicles over several weeks and creating a new and exciting platform
Building sustainable relationships with various stake holders within the automotive industry.
Raising the safety and security aspect of car driver on the street and attracting the future generation with e-cars
Creating awareness of safety and security with environmental friendly cars amongst young drivers.

Future Forecast
Under the headline of “Car Racing Goes Green”, will be the prime developer, owner, main sponsor and managing partner for an annual environmentally friendly “Green Race”.Since environmental awareness is the heart of the 21st century, participants of the “Green Race” as well as partners and guests will add to the success of this never seen before event .The “Green Race” will not only be an educational and evolutionary experience, it will most certainly be one of the most globally talked about events which gives QF / QSTP the best brand position ever.
Al Manhal along with leading International Companies for this Green Motor Sports
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