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Al Manhal Aviation
Former experience in the field of Aviation by Al Manhal and our C.E.O's experience in the Aviation field Al Manhal took the decision to take up new ventures in the field of Aviation.

AL Manhal has been approached by a leading European based Aviation Company for a long term cooperation and funding agreement through Al Manhal Investment and Structure finance
The leading turboprop and Jet engine manufacturer
The proposal is for an equity investment against lease receivables.

High lights of this Aircraft
Short runway length (less than 1,000 m)
6 degrees steep slope approach with Unpaved runways certification (laterite, soil, gravel, grass) and Narrow runways operations, down to 14 m width with full self-sufficiency on ground
This aircraft is for regional airlines for Internal Routes to take 50 to 70 passengers
The importance of Regional Aircraft
Economics - Lower general costs, lower overheads, lower labour Costs with Short Run Ways
Fuel efficiency favours turboprops economics
Flexibility - The right aircraft on the right route
Cost structures - Profitable operations for regional aircraft
 " Al Manhal will take care of feasibility study and implementation of this project for the investors or Governments."

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