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Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - Al Manhal Al Wafaa Balloon
Introduction & History of Al Manhal Balloon
In the Year 2000, Al Manhal International Group, (AMIG) had participated in the Abu Dhabi Government event called “WORD OF GRATITUDE” held to honour of the First and then President of UAE His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
This event was organized at time that as a symbolic gesture of loyalty and gratitude from all the Nationals and the residents of the UAE to First UAE President His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan for his generosity, dedication and achievements both National and International level.
Since it is the shape of a Fort with Arabian and UAE Culture it is still known in the world of hot air balloons and it is classified as one of the Special Hot air Balloons of the World and the first Hot air balloon of UAE.

Al Manhal Balloon know as “AL WAFAA BALLOON” participated in ALBUQUERQUE International BALLOON FIESTA (AIBF), the world’s largest annual ballooning event. AIBF takes place in the state of New Mexico in the USA and is a very popular event with no less than one million spectators and more than three hundred and fifty million viewers world wide.
AL WAFAA BALLOON” was built in the shape of a traditional fort and the logo of Al Manhal International Group and features two pictures of the then President of UAE His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan with words of gratitude to His Highness in both Arabic and English.
The balloon is 77000 cubic feet custom made hot air balloon and it is approximately 20 meters high and 17 meters in diameter.

International Balloon Fiesta
Introduction to Hot Air Balloon Festival
The intention is to bring more than 15 hot-air balloons from different part of the world with different color, size, shape and to present the UAE heritage and others of ballooning activity just like the ALBUQUERQUE International BALLOON FIESTA of USA.

Proposal for Gulf International Balloon Fiesta
The whole event will be overseen by Al Manhal Event Management team whom will be highly experienced in the organization and supervision of similar balloon events throughout the world.
Free flights, Tethering operations, Static display and night glow. Fireworks may be coordinated with the parades and orchestra to compose as part of the show.

The main activity will be free flight in the sky daily
Tethering and display balloons daily
Night glow and display
Special shape balloons rodeo
The event may be only for balloons or other activities

The event is to be organized jointly with Government organization and by Al Manhal.
This will be done under the guidance and leadership of our Team and Pilots who had undertaken and flown the Al Wafaa Balloon in UAE and USA for the first time and have got the vast experience of International level of Hot Air Balloon Flying.
Similar events in other countries attract enormous interest and publicity as well as many thousands of spectators visits the largest outdoor spectator event in Europe.

Albuquerque Balloon fiesta Facts
702,884 Estimated Visitors visited to see the Festival
621 Registered Balloons from World Wide
775 Media Representatives.
24 Countries Participated.
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