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Al Manhal have got the Exclusive partnership with Deutsche Telekom / T- Systems of Germany.
Deutsche Telekom / T- Systems has chosen Al Manhal has the exclusive partners for the Digital Healthcare Projects including the IT Systems and telecommunication infra Structure in the Middle east and in the areas where T- Systems and its Partners are not present. We are in the process of setting up Digital Hospital and hospital Management along with Deutsche Telekom and their Partners ( )
Al Manhal has signed an agreement with Colombia Artists Management (CAMI) of Germany the oldest artist management company in the world for the purpose of conducting musical events in UAE.
Al Manhal has got cooperation with different Chinese Companies to work in different fields.
Signed Agreement with Government of Indonesia for the Al Manhal Green Energy Project , Refinery and other Infra structure Project.
AL Manhal have entered into an agreement for a long term agricultural program with the ACEH Provience Government of Indonesia.
MOU signed with Republic of Congo for the Infrastructure Projects
Al Manhal Ballooning & Air Ships
Al Wafaa" is an Arabic word stands for Gratitude & Loyalty. "Al Wafaa Balloon" is a gesture of loyalty & gratitude from Al Manhal International Group to His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan, the former President and Father of United Arab Emirates. Al Manhal as an UAE company is keen to show some of its gratitude, appreciation and loyalty to His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan for all what he has done to the UAE and the people. His Highness has dedicated his life to the development of his country and to the welfare of his people. The UAE now boasts standards of living and prosperity equivalent to any leading nation.

Al Manhal has denoted the specialized Man power and Pilots for this project.

Al Wafaa Balloon" has been specifically built in the shape of a traditional UAE fort, the Logo of Al Manhal International Group. It features two pictures of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan with words of gratitude to His Highness in both Arabic & English and the balloon was flown by Al Manhal team in Alberkurque (USA), in 2000 one of the most famous and popular ballooning events in the world.

Al Manhal has recently launched a program to promote advertising thru the use of corporate hot air balloons.


Al Manhal Hospital Project
AL Manhal sister company ( Al Amir International Group) in a joint venture with a US company have been awarded a contract in the year 1998 to provide state of the art medical services, renovate and upgrade the local hospitals and clinics in UAE managing more than 3500 employees and a yearly turn over of 300 Million USD with a Project value of 3 Billion USD
Real Estate Development & Management Company
Our Real Estate Group provided property management services in Abu Dhabi started in January 2000, for the hospitals employees under our Group and done feasibility study for high raised buildings and Whole Sale Mall for Partners to execute this Project.

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